This whole blog has had me absorbed and fascinated Keith. You need to get it published.

Samuel : The Last Judge - The First Prophet

The  Master Builder who Left a United Israel.   


The anarchical mess of the sprawling godless tribes of Israel carried on in ignorance of the seismic change in history that was about to take place over the next generation, all of which was precipitated and initiated through the birth of Shmuel ben Elkanah. That blessed child born in Ramathaim Zophim passed away, some think, about a full century later. It was Samuel’s time, the Samuellian era, the last and highest peak of the Judges. This man was also the first and, to my mind, possibly the highest peak of the prophetic iffice and gift that ever ministered to the whole of Israel while they lived in the land. He had become a one man institution. He was the posthumous pillar that epitomised what was to be the future greatness of Israel. He was treasured and feared by all in…

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